GE, circa 2007 vs. now

/ April 22, 2015 /

I started playing GE again, and first off - I'll update the jGE/kGE voice packs soon enough, if that's what you are here for!! Just an FYI - there are more up-to-date ones out there than what I currently have posted (from 2013, no less)..!

It's been over a year and a half since I last logged on to GEo to actually play, but I was able to get reacquainted with the game controls fairly quickly. The server is much quieter now and as optimistic as I normally am, I can't help but think our days on this server are numbered - and that the end might be nearing pretty soon. I'm not sure how populated other servers are, but these days it's quite barren, and quite lonely.

Instead of describing the current state of the server, I'd like to just take this time to fondly think back on my memories.

I started playing Granado Espada somewhere in 2007, back when it was going under the name of Sword of the New World. It was maybe a month after the game had gone free-to-play that I joined. I recall people were able to choose costumes for their characters in the character creation screen. I was a few days too late for that; nevertheless, I decided to settle in the Orpesia/carebear server -- my home for months at a time from K2 up until the end of G1.

I remember the game having a lot of players, at least for a game that wasn't as popular as RO. Maps that were "barren" had maybe 5-10 families at a time. There were quite a lot of botters, too, but places like Tetra Ruins, Topolo Durga, and Torsche's Mansion had actual players roaming around as well. The most populated map must've been Gigante Island (AKA Bahia) - it was always packed with families on all channels, and was the best free spot to powerlevel characters or farm chips.

At the time, SotNW was almost completely devoid of fanservice: aside from the stock character beach costumes, the closest you could get to a loli was Summoner Cath, and the youngest/cutest was Viki (ha, next to Lorch. Oh god, I loved Lorch immensely and was super elated to get him. dat lvl ~50ish was hard work) 'v' I think this started changing when Claire was introduced.

And now, there are lolis everywhere. In fact, there are more lolis in my quarters at the moment than there are old men, like Jack or Yeganeh or ?? Jose?. Not that I'm complaining because I like some of them a fair bit, but the game has definitely changed course from its original, elegant, and classy Baroque feel (which was the sole aspect I fell in love with). I've grown so accustomed to the fanservice that I'm shocked I even have that many old men in my barracks. Wow.

As for clans, I was lucky to join Telos. Some of the friends I've made there, I am still close with today, and after nearly eight years (wow?!) it's pretty amazing how we still talk.

I do feel a bit sad about how different it is back then compared to now. While G1 and T3Fun may have made some bad decisions, I also think the essence of the game had already changed a long time ago. Similarly, what compels me to play now is different from what drew me in back then.

Super cheesy, but I'll always remember how I felt exploring Al Quelt Moreza my first night playing, or even just idling/spending leisurely time in Sir Lyndon's office in Reboldeaux (before he was kicked out, and the beautiful map was done away with). Sadly I don't have any screenshots of this anymore, but just remembering will do.


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